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Motorcop Chronicles Podcast

Dec 30, 2021

Lightfoot is mad again and its her fault, NYPD changing the way officers have to log traffic stops, which will be a pain in the butt, and much more, come along with us on this ride.

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and be safe out there for New Years.   The Iceman 

Dec 23, 2021

They are now attacking the cops in the airports, Cops being ambushed, KFC with chicken head nuggets and dogs being murdered, Merry Christmas, can some reset the Matrix Please.


Dec 20, 2021

More of my thoughts, and a rant that is for sure, can anyone tell me where common sense has gone anyone ?

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Dec 16, 2021

We will be talking about lawyers getting busted with drugs to a U.S. Rep wanting to tell you where and how to store your guns in your  own home to a Fireman pretending to be a cop and more so come along with us on this ride and hold on.

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